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Pointless disgust at kiss

This is in response to Jack Quist’s Dec. 16 letter to the editor. Really, a photograph of two men kissing ruined his breakfast and he almost threw up?

Hmm. I doubt if there’s a gay person in the world who would allow their breakfast to be ruined and almost throw up if they were to see a picture of him and his wife kissing on the front page of a newspaper. When we saw the picture of the newlyweds kissing on the front page, we didn’t even regard it as anything but a good picture. But then, when we read the article that went along with it, we were really happy for the newlyweds and proud of Washington state voters for making Washington the third state to legalize gay marriage through popular vote.

Perhaps Quist should do some soul-searching and try to discover why he spends so much time getting upset and disgusted by the marriages of people he’ll probably never know and who probably do not wish to know him, either.

Jackson Colby and Tyler Deatherage



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