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Rice vilification unjust

How much longer must we endure Benghazi-gate?

Because of it, an exceptional, accomplished and fearless public servant decided to withdraw from consideration of nomination for U.S. secretary of state, and she did it gracefully, not wanting to expose the nation to needless turmoil or lengthy distraction. Susan Rice was misinformed by our intelligence services. She had no involvement with Benghazi.

So where is her crime? Why her vilification?

In contrast, not long ago, our senators (except then-Sen. Barack Obama) voted for war against Iraq as they too were “misinformed” by our intelligence services about weapons of mass destruction. The result: thousands of American souls destroyed, more maimed for life; untold innocent Iraqis perished; our cache emptied. Where was the outcry then?

Susan Rice’s skills and professionalism have been questioned. A Stanford graduate, a Rhodes scholar, whose academic distinctions include her doctorate from Oxford, has been branded as not “smart,” “not very bright” (Sen. John McCain) and not “intelligent” (former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani).

McCain, please remove your blinders, extend your hand to our president, and be magnanimous.

Jesus suggested: “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” How about being one, to keep our country secure, prospering and respected?

Halina Slobodow



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