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The Slice: If they’re silk, what’s the problem?

What percentage of 2013 have you spent in your pajamas?

Have other members of your household commented on this?

Do you expect that figure to change as we get deeper into the year?

Let’s move on.

Perhaps I drove them away: When I interviewed for a job at The Spokesman-Review 25 years ago this month, I met individually with seven or eight different editors.

Not one of them is still here at this newspaper.

Do you have a similar story?

Yes, I realize that things change. I’m reminded of that each time I walk past The Ridpath, where I stayed back in January 1988.

Blade wielding: Charlotte Baker was spreading icing over orange rolls on New Year’s Day.

She used a frosting knife.

Her 9-year-old grandson, Dominic Truesdale, watched.

“Grandma,” he said. “Your machete’s bent.”

Just wondering: When you heard New Year’s Eve fireworks in the distance, did you recognize the sound right away?

With “The Big Lebowski” about to turn 25: Here’s your challenge. Localize the following line from that movie by inserting a replacement word or words in the blank.

“Say what you will about the tenets of (     ), at least it’s an ethos.”

More collective nouns for multiple Subaru Outbacks: “Nerd herd.” — Mike Landry

“Sensible.” — Chris Lang

“Oogle.” — Janet Launhardt

“Rumble.” — Gary Polser

“Stand” or “Outcrop.” — Andrea Sharps and Chuck Horgan

Looking for back-up: “I was with some friends on New Year’s Eve and somehow the topic of Steve McQueen came up (we’re all late 50s, early 60s),” wrote Bob Isitt. “But when I asked my friends how many of them remember when McQueen used to hang around Spokane, none of them remembered and they thought I was making it up.”

Feel free to weigh in, but please don’t suggest the late actor eventually escaped Spokane for good by using a motorcycle to jump the fence surrounding the city.

Warm-up question: What local kid will lose the most gloves/mittens before spring?

Today’s Slice question: What do you do with corks from beverage bottles?

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