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Sun., Jan. 6, 2013

112th Congress a disgrace

It must be fun being John Boehner, leader of the least productive Congress in our nation’s history; a “do-nothing” band of brothers and sisters who have passed one-half the number of bills than the second least productive bunch. Their overall approval rating is eclipsing 10 percent again, the lowest ever!

This 112th Congress managed to attempt to repeal the health care act a grand number of 32 times, expecting a different result each time. What does that tell you about their concern for putting people back to work? The reason Standard & Poor’s downgraded our credit rating last year was because the merry 112th convinced them that they couldn’t trust the U.S. government to refrain from crashing the global economy – for no good reason!

I guess they’re too busy taking all that cash from lobbyists and repeatedly saying no to the president to worry about the poor and middle class. Even our esteemed congresswoman, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, received $13,000 from the National Rifle Association. I suppose that was the cap to vote against banning assault-type weapons of war.

We’ll see how many of them retain their jobs after the next election cycle.

Joe Speranzi


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