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Sun., Jan. 6, 2013, midnight

It’s hopeless – woo-hoo!

The “fiscal cliff” has been avoided. Woo-hoo! Not enough time to accomplish other things. No? Just four years and an administration and Congress incapable of producing a budget. This in itself is illegal.

Doesn’t matter, there is no accountability in D.C. The people who vote based on what makes them feel good, and not the facts, combined with all the entitlement voters, just keep voting the same incompetents in. Hey! If it makes you feel good or puts money in your pocket, live in denial and avoid the facts.

Everyone in D.C., with no exceptions, is utterly incapable of running our country with any degree of competency. The majority of the voters in this country don’t care. Good job!

Michele Robinson

Mica, Wash.

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