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Mon., Jan. 7, 2013, midnight

Gun defense is imbalanced

Every day, it seems, we hear the excuse from the gun lobby that law-abiding citizens should not be denied assault-style weapons with high-capacity magazines. The point being that law-abiding people are safe to own these weapons, and they should only be denied to the mentally unbalanced.

The problem is: How do we tell you apart? When you suggest a reasonable restriction on the number of bullets allowed in a magazine, and the response you get is, “You can take my gun from my cold dead hands because I need an assault rifle so someday I can attack the government in some kind of made-up revolution,” it seems like, perhaps, you are mentally ill. How can anyone take you seriously when an otherwise normal, sane, fairly reasonable person believes in this absurd nonsense?

If law-abiding gun owners want to be taken seriously, they need to tone down the rhetoric and stick to the facts. No one is trying to take away your gun; we simply want to try to limit the amount of damage a single disturbed person may inflict. Threatening violence unless you get your way is just another form of terrorism.

Ed Guise


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