January 7, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

It’s a mad, mad world


Crazy, mad, loco, loony, nutty, silly, insane, damaged, foolish, unsound, deficient, sick of mind, not practical. By definition, are we not all crazy? We have done, said, thought crazy things. Fear itself can cause us to go crazy.

We self-medicate by overeating and overdrinking illegal and prescribed drugs, over-exercising, over-working. And over-arming. There are those who overdid something and killed or nearly killed someone. But that was considered an accident. Or temporary insanity.

Many “sane” people I know shouldn’t have guns. Do we really need assault weapons? Massive clips? Or to have so many guns?

Are the things we have or want more important than life? At least the “crazies” have an excuse. What’s ours? Prayer alone will not change things. Faith without action is dead. What will we sacrifice or give up? Or do?

As a society, we are all crazy. It doesn’t have to be this way, people.

Therese Orth


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