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Avoided one cliff …

Woke up. Read the paper. Got angry. We avoided one “cliff.” Now comes March. Watch as Congress (those folks who vote for their own pay increases) takes on the budget.

I’m sure that every Republican and Democrat will help by reducing their own staffing and travel expenses. (Not!) Surely, they’ll shrink the number of people employed by the government before taking away from Social Security and Medicare. (Ha!) Social Security: that “trust” and “savings program” that each of us working stiffs paid into all our lives; a government-run 401(k).

Maybe we can “roll over” those “deposits” into our personal individual retirement account, make our spouse and children the beneficiaries when we die rather than Uncle Sam. Good luck with that one!

Something else: Have you noticed the government rate at hotels is way cheaper? I pay about $110 at Holiday Inn Express. Government ID takes it to $70. Why? Has the tea party looked into that one? Feels like another tax. Since we are all “equals,” shouldn’t we each pay $90?

How did you and I become the drones in this ant-hill? (Sorry. Mixed metaphor.) Yup. Angry.

Doug Kaer


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