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Renew trust with SPD

The Spokane Police Department has received a lot of bad publicity lately due to Karl Thompson Jr. and other isolated incidents, and in these cases such criticism and scrutiny was righty deserved. However, that being stated, being a police officer is a difficult and dangerous job, and most officers are honest, hardworking individuals who do their best to stop crime and put criminals away.

In order to do their job, they need the assistance and understanding of the public that they serve. With the election of a new mayor and the appointment of a new police chief, there is a great opportunity to heal wounds and renew trust and respect between the public and the Police Department. This would benefit all in the reduction of crime, violence and internal corruption.

We can’t let the crimes of a few overshadow the dedicated service of the many. An opportunity to start anew does not come along very often, and we must seize upon it to make 2013 a safer and better year for everyone.

Kyle Vance



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