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Pet food maker donates $2,000 for dog park improvements

Thu., Jan. 10, 2013, midnight

Appreciation Project to help with running water installation

The city’s dog park opened in December 2010 and it’s been well-used by pooches since then.

The park, which is within High Bridge Park, is being constructed in several phases – a solid fence was the first thing to be completed – and now the park may get running water thanks to a grant from pet food maker Nutro Co.

The company donated $2,000 to help pay for the installation of a spigot at the dog park.

The grant comes from Nutro’s Room to Run Dog Park Appreciation Project.

“As it is right now you have to haul water in for your dogs and yourself,” said Bridgette Bossio, director of volunteers and community outreach for SpokAnimal. The Spokane Parks and Recreation Department has a three-year contract with SpokAnimal to operate the park. “This is just the first step toward many more enhancements to the dog park.”

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Bossio said she hopes $2,000 is enough to pay for the spigot installation; the park will be taking bids on installation as soon as the ground thaws.

Running water also means the dog park can get started on another project: tree planting.

The Manito Garden Club has donated $500 toward trees for the park, but the trees couldn’t be planted until they could be watered.

“Ultimately, the vision is to have a splash pad for the dogs there,” said Bossio.

It was a $40,000 donation from SpokAnimal that made the 11-acre fenced park, where dogs can run off leash, possible.

“On any given day when I’m down there there are between 10 and 40 dogs there,” Bossio said. “Getting running water there is just the first step toward more enhancements.”

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