The Slice: Marker has lost its place

THURSDAY, JAN. 10, 2013

Perhaps this is a sign of the times.

Scott Walker’s wife was reading on the couch. The two of them got into a conversation. So she picked up a piece of paper and tucked it into what she was reading to save her place.

“When she picks up her ‘book’ to begin reading again we both realize she marked her place inside the cover of her Nook E-reader.”

Slice answer: “Disagreements over the thermostats are almost always decided in favor of the person more prone to headaches if the temperature is not to her/his liking,” wrote Gaylen Wood.

Collective nouns for multiple Subaru Outbacks: OK, one last batch.

“A Civility.” — Judy Lugone

“Recall.” — Mike Storms

“A Troop of Roos.” — Chuck and Julia Finan

“Mob of Roos.” — Jeannie Maki

“Coexistence.” — Mary Sloan

“Scab Lander.” — Rene Penna

“Granolas.” — Marje Peterson

“Traitors.” — Lan Hellie

“Waltz.” — Willene Wick

“North Idaho Pod.” — Sue Hallett

“Normal.” — Chris Carson

“Quigley.” — Doug Roberts

Learning the facts of life from litter: Back in the 1950s, Del Johnston was part of a group of Boy Scouts assigned to pick up trash along a riverside road known in certain circles as a lover’s lane. “One Monday morning one of the members of the troop asked our leader why there were so many balloons lying around.”

Recycling wine bottle corks: “I used corks as fishing bobbers until I discovered the fish were more interested in the cork than the worm,” wrote Ray Dickelman.

But Les Norton, Carol Siegenthaler, Karen Botker, Michele Robbins, Dorothy Yohe and others save them for a variety of crafty projects.

Correction and an answer: Last weekend, I said “The Big Lebowski” is about to turn 25. That’s wrong. It’s actually 15.

Undeterred by my dumb mistake, Ken Yuhasz, who abides, went ahead and filled in the blanks in that reader challenge.

“Say what you will about the tenets of Marmotism, at least it’s an ethos.”

Today’s Slice question: Where do you do your best thinking?

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