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Consider it gun safety

Shawn Vestal, I read your Jan. 5 column about the person with the concealed weapon in the Portland Mall. You are talking about such a small issue in regard to the whole gun safety, aka gun control, issue.

It could be the media were cautious about reporting the person with the concealed weapon to protect him, because if you have a license to conceal a weapon, why would you want the whole world to know you were carrying a licensed concealed weapon? What would be the purpose then of carrying a concealed weapon? Also, there’s a big difference between one concealed weapon and a gun with a magazine that could kill many at one time.

Maybe the so-called liberal media were just being cautious. It might be better than a so-called conservative media that would be full of lies if it would be anything resembling the hate and false emails I’ve received over the past four years.

We need to stop calling it “gun control” and call it “gun safety.” Licenses and background checks should be the same as obtaining a driver’s license, with training being a criterion for the license, especially now that we read in the newspaper about people using their vehicles to intentionally kill others.

Beverly Elmore



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