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Follow TSA example

The horrible images created in everyone’s mind by those unimaginable events in Connecticut have again created demands that Congress do something. Gun control activists and the media are providing the diversion our politicians need to avoid the real problem. Will gun control work? Columbine happened during the 10 years the last assault weapon legislation was in place.

Gun control can’t stop these unthinkable events. When someone wants to kill they will find a way. No one crusaded to ban airplanes after 9/11. It would have been pointless. Instead, as a nation, we created the Transportation Security Administration and a safe zone for airports and airplanes. Was there a large cost? Yes! Have they protected everyone? Yes? It hasn’t happened again!

We cannot continue to provide a gun-free zone at our schools that is available to society’s evil and mentally ill misfits. Pilots carry weapons and properly trained teachers should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon also. But, just like pilots, that is not the complete answer.

The real answer is to provide TSA-type security at every school. This would become the one area our federal government could make an actual difference in our education system.

Jon Johnson



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