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It costs very little

Yes, we have Amazon. Yes, we have Costco. Yes, we have iTunes. Yes, we have Kindles and Nooks. But that doesn’t mean the lending library concept is archaic.

For people who want to bring more “green” into their daily lives, for people who are looking to reduce their expenditures and for people who want to reduce their storage needs (well now, doesn’t that cover nearly everyone?), the Spokane Public Library is a great resource.

And this levy costs so very little for what you’ll gain, for yourself and for our community. If you own a $200,000 home, the levy will cost you approximately an additional $14 a year, less than that single hardback book that you’d buy on Amazon, or even download to your Kindle! Just borrow it from the library and you’re at zero additional cost!

If you don’t want to vote yes for yourself, vote yes for others for whom the library is so important.

Jan Wigen



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