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Sat., Jan. 12, 2013, midnight

Labor gets cheated

I bet Kathy Evans (Dec. 23) has never been on the receiving end of right to work. Well, it’s our country and our market. Business is not the segment of the economy that deserves special treatment. Look at the results of free trade. Over 47 million on food stamps after sending our factories to slave-wage countries.

Right to work gives someone else the right to decide your price. Business doesn’t decide what he pays his suppliers, vendors and others; but seeks laws to cheat labor out of its fair share. Business doesn’t stop there; comp time instead of overtime after eight hours, you’re working for free. Merit pay; that’s the toady’s bonus for twisting facts, telling lies and taking credit for your hard work. The “open door” is the one you exit when the toady’s lies get you fired.

Those obsolete unions brought us the single-wage-earner family and stay-at-home moms, paid-off mortgages and sent children off to college. Right to work delivers a two-and-a-half-wage-earner family, working moms, latchkey kids, bondage to the slumlord and sends children off to prison.

Swede Little

Mullan, Idaho

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