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Sat., Jan. 12, 2013, midnight

Leave benefits out of this

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, as a former Republican precinct committee officer, I normally support the party. As an old guy, I appreciate receiving Social Security benefits even more.

Night after night, I see you on national TV, standing on the stage with House Speaker John Boehner, looking like the idiot you are not.

I don’t care how valid the concept of cutting government spending is; nobody holds the life support of innocent folks hostage to make their point. You and Boehner are no better than Arab terrorists who do the same thing in support of what they truly believe their Allah wants them to do.

Don’t tie the debt ceiling to issuing my Social Security check next month. I will be carrying a protest sign at your office door and making a loud nuisance of myself with a marine horn if you do.

Best wishes for your return to sanity.

Bill Tann


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