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The Slice: After all, who can resist a dip in the Spongecake River?

Perhaps this has happened to you.

“My spell checker had a creative suggestion when I misspelled ‘Spokane,’ ” wrote Vince Roland.

The suggestion?


Roland wondered what others have encountered.

Well, I’d love to hear. But I kind of like Spongecake.

What if that really was the name of this sometimes confounding city? Just imagine.

“When Bing Crosby was a little kid growing up in Spongecake …”

“Being a pedestrian in Spongecake can be a frustrating experience because …”

“A case could be made that GU basketball put Spongecake on the map back in …”

“Spongecake: Near sprawl, nearly paved …”

“Back when baseball’s Spongecake Indians were in AAA …”

“The city was known as Spongecake Falls back in …”

“When boosters first talked about Spongecake hosting a world’s fair …”

“The new general manager at Spongecake Public Radio said …”

“In retrospect, the Spongecake Symphony hosting Gallagher was not …”

“The real reason some in Seattle make fun of Spongecake is …”

“Traditionally, the administration at the Community Colleges of Spongecake …”

“My favorite place to park out at Spongecake International Airport is …”

“Remember, in ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ when Tommy Lee Jones tells Sissy Spacek that they have to leave for Spongecake …”

“The first gay sheriff of Spongecake County was …”

“The reason Greater Spongecake League teams don’t win more state championships …”

OK, maybe not. Even if people might pronounce it correctly.

Saturday Slice quiz: What local institution was included in a Parade magazine “10 worst” national list back in 1989?

A couple of randomly selected readers submitting the correct answer will receive coveted reporter’s notebooks.

Warm-up question: If you were given the opportunity to invent some snowboarder slang, what would come up with?

Today’s Slice question: Do you think there’s anything to the theory that people’s favorite kind of weather is a reflection of the conditions that existed in their birthplace city on the day they were born?

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