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SUNDAY, JAN. 13, 2013

Indifference a silent killer

We have all heard about the tent community that has been erected downtown. With just a piece of tarp between them and the outdoors, it must be close to unbearable. One of these couples apparently takes turns wearing the same pair of shoes.

We have also heard about the upsurge of mass killings, both here and around the globe. It seems that insanity has taken hold of otherwise sensible citizens.

Both of these situations are part of a much bigger problem. Indifference, left to itself, will destroy America faster than any bomb or terrorist cell. Indifference gives rise to slasher flicks, which feed the insanity. Indifference caused the Spokane City Council to vote to dismantle the tent community without offering a viable alternative.

Today, I saw no less than five abandoned buildings within a half mile of the tent community. Two of them, the Ridpath and the Otis hotels, are each large enough to accommodate them all. There are other empty buildings, such as the Rite Aid at Ash Street and Northwest Boulevard, throughout Spokane County.

Get involved. If someone asks for food, buy them a meal. Attend City Council meetings on Monday. Step away from the screen and look around.

Douglas Benn


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