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The Slice: Around here, we might have all walks of life

What does our walking speed say about the Inland Northwest?

I have my own theory, but I want to hear yours first.

Do you contend that ours is a region of slow-walkers and this hints at a low-stress, unhurried way of life?

Do you think Spokane area residents walk at a pretty good clip and that this implies we’re as pressed for time as anyone anywhere?

OK, OK. I fully recognize that we are dealing in broad-brush generalizations here. Different people walk at different speeds. And the same person can move at wildly fluctuating paces depending on the circumstances.

Got it. Still, that does not mean there are no observations to be made.

You might agree that, in several respects, the Inland Northwest is not exactly like every other part of the country. So it’s not totally crazy to wonder if there’s something distinctive about our walking speed.

Well, maybe it is. But that’s never stopped me before. So I’m asking.

Compared to other parts of the country … do you think we amble? Do we mosey? Do we race-walk? Do we look like a bunch of people in a hurry to get to a restroom?

You make the call.

Follow-up: “Reading your column (Thursday) morning made me think about place markers in my Sony eBook reader,” wrote Barbara Lee. “The marker looks like the corner of the page has been turned down. I remember the librarian at Westview Elementary School many years ago teaching us to never deface a book by turning down the corners. Guess it must be OK electronically.”

Where you do your best thinking: “In the shower,” wrote Diane Stutzman.

Today’s Slice question: What would go through your mind if, as you headed out the door at home, someone staying behind playfully said “OK, we’ll go through your private stuff while you’re gone”? A) “I hope that’s a joke.” B) “They’ll never find my stash.” C) “Once upon a time, that would have made me nervous.” D) “That should be exciting. Hope they enjoy uncovering those grocery coupons hidden under the socks.” E) “I don’t even think I have any interesting private stuff these days … man, that’s depressing.” F) Other.

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