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When fairness is unfair

A majority of Americans seem to believe President Obama’s connotation of fairness. Where one person has a comparative advantage over another, it’s only fair that a portion of that advantage should be given up to make the two parties more equal. However, until both parties are equal, fairness dictates that there will always be a portion that should be given up by the advantaged.

When it comes to taxes, the top 2 percent (or 10 percent, or 20 percent) already pay a greatly disproportionate amount of all taxes compared to any lower percent of Americans. What is fair? Under the liberals’ connotation of fairness, it’s only logical that until the top X percent gives up all their advantage to pay for government and expunge their advantage, America is not fair.

Therefore, it’s not fair that one political party gets more votes than another. All parties should be apportioned an equal number of offices in government. The executive should be a committee of all parties.

America was not constructed to be fair in this way. America was constructed to provide individual liberty. Liberals’ connotation of fairness is fundamentally transforming America.

Duncan Bean

Spokane Valley


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