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Don’t relent on pornography

Five more years is too long to wait for justice. Two porn stores have always been out of compliance, but after tightening their zoning codes in 2001 the city generously gave the video stores a year to move to another location. Like a snake, they slithered under loopholes and lenient judges until now.

There are good reasons to keep this type of business away from neighborhoods and places where children are present. Porn devalues and demeans men and women, and can lead to child abuse and sex trafficking. However, the ordinance was adopted to reduce the deleterious effects of sexually oriented businesses, including late night noise and traffic, DVD cover litter, prostitution and drug deals, parking and traffic challenges to other businesses, the decline in property values, etc.

Spokane has been successful in defending the constitutionality of their ordinance in state and federal court. Our success in enforcing the law will encourage other cities to defend their citizens against these dark and degrading shops.

The neighbors and businesses who live and work near these stores deserve justice – finally! No more deals, no more waiting. Do the right thing: Reject any settlement. Don’t sell out to porn dealers from California.

Penny Lancaster



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