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Armed and polite

Editor’s Note: An incomplete version of David Barker’s letter was published Thursday.

A few years ago Israel had a problem with suicide bombers walking into grade school classrooms and blowing themselves up. The solution was slinging an automatic rifle on the back of every grade school teacher. The bomb attacks ceased.

To quote author Robert Heinlein, “An armed society is a polite society.”

Just imagine if every off-duty police, sheriff, fire, and Forest Service officer, as well as many civilians had concealed carried permits, and that fact was widely known. Then, say, 5 percent of all airline passengers were armed, the 9/11 World Trade Tower attacks would have never happened. Think about it.

The most well-armed population is not in the United States, but Switzerland. Every male citizen takes his rifle home after his time in military service and parks it behind the front door. The term “gun free zone” is a euphemism for “shooting gallery.”

David Barker



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