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Ask about shutdown

I continue to be amazed at the lack of reporting on issues of vital importance to the readers of The Spokesman-Review. We have a congressperson in a leadership position of the Republican Party who was quoted in The Spokesman as saying a government shutdown may be needed by not approving the payment of bills already authorized by Congress. Since this unprecedented action will likely affect everyone one way or another, I would think The Spokesman would want to report the possible consequences to our community, state, country and world economy.

What does the local business community think about it? Why does the congresswoman feel the consensus damage would be worth the action? What business or economic theory or policy does she subscribe to that suggests this action is worth the probable further downgrade of the United States’ credit rating, as well as the long-term economic damage to the U.S. economy?

I’d like to know what she thinks. Can you please see if she has the time to discuss this with you on behalf of her constituents?

Barry Cross



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