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Sat., Jan. 19, 2013, midnight

Less ammo is fine

During the poorest winter I ever endured, I was still able to share Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners with people less fortunate than myself, and I could do it because I owned guns. A Winchester 30-30 brought down the deer that fed us Christmas dinner and supplied the meat that winter. Thanksgiving dinner was a rabbit I hit at 30 yards with a .22 that shot a full foot high. I still have that gun.

So, if anyone wants to take my gun away from me they better have a bazooka and a tank! On the other hand, I don’t mind telling the government what guns I have, and I don’t need 30 or 60 or 100 bullets in a clip or a magazine to do anything I need to do. I always thought a person should be proud of how few bullets were needed, not how much carnage and pain could be inflicted.

So, that’s it: Hands off my hunting rifle and limit all magazines to five bullets only. With five bullets, I can kill more than I can carry, so any more would be dead weight. Also, in a home with children, a mandatory gun safe is a good idea. That’s me, now how about you?

Joe Bradley


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