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No going back on abortion

As to the abortion debate, I wish only to say that women don’t need others – especially politicians – making personal medical decisions for them. A woman may seek abortion for diverse reasons, and we’re simply not capable of calling the shots for her. We don’t know her life, and we don’t walk in her shoes.

Roe v. Wade has been the law of the land for 40 years. Instead of taking us back to the days of unsafe abortion, we should focus on proactive solutions moving forward. We can work to lower the abortion rate by making sure that women have access to contraceptives and medically accurate sex education. We can be confident that women know what decisions are best for them and their families, and we can rely on health care providers to give them the best possible care.

My husband and I have raised our two daughters to be independent young women. I trust them to know what decisions are best for them. It’s my job to make sure they inherit a country where they possess the freedom and privacy to make medical decisions. That’s the truest measure of freedom, and I’m proud to support it.

Dalene Davies



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