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NRA loses credibility

Good idea, right? Get a gun into every U.S. school classroom! What could go wrong? And, why ban assault weapons or high-capacity magazines? Those won’t solve any problems, so banning them would be stupid, right?

Pardon me, but with the National Rifle Association’s response to Newtown, does anyone else question granting them credibility? I understand the Second Amendment, and agree that Americans should be allowed to own guns, but it sure seems reasonable to make some changes on gun ownership as part of our attempts to lessen gun violence in our society.

Even if background checks caught every person who has displayed mental imbalance, that line is a hazy one that is crossed by previously sane people every day – all it takes is an uncontrolled temper. And, one only need spend a bit of time watching American reality TV to understand that sanity is relative in our country anyway.

Would I like to see less violence in video games and on TV? Sure, but I still think we need comprehensive action. And less guidance from the NRA.

Jeff Ellingson

Liberty Lake


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