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Sun., Jan. 20, 2013, midnight

Improve Social Security

We need to improve the solvency of Social Security. In this regard, the first thing we need to do is close some loopholes.

One: Supplemental Social Security: Parents, sponsored by citizens, apply for SSI and get around $400 per month. They have never worked in this country and have never paid FICA taxes. The wealthy individual who sponsored them need not take care of them anymore. Restrictions must be placed.

Two: Disability payments: During this past recession period, we saw a great deal of abuse. Attorneys and doctors have collaborated to get many qualified.

We need to have a registry of family practitioners who are thoroughly checked for ethical standards, and anybody who applies must get disability certification from one of them.

Three: FICA tax: Presently, the payroll taxes are levied only on earned income. In these days, people may not have earned income, but have considerable investment income.

We need to broaden the base. If we increase the earnings above the present $110,000 limit to go to $500,000, we will be able to decrease the payroll tax from the present 12.4 percent (employer plus employee) to 10 percent. This gives a good boost to lower-income employees.

Mallur Nandagopal


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