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Sun., Jan. 20, 2013

Look into mental illness

The Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights is not about hunting; it is about defending our freedoms as individual citizens. This is not a collective unit under the control of the government (Heller v. D.C., 2008).

A driver’s license is a privilege granted by each state; gun ownership is a right guaranteed by the Second Amendment and “shall not be infringed.” The First Amendment states our freedoms and the Second guarantees those rights. If we start hacking apart the Second Amendment, what is to keep well-intentioned citizens from doing the same to the First or other amendments?

I am sorry there is evil in this world, but limiting firearms to single shots or four to five rounds is not the answer. Citizens need more to protect ourselves, our families, our property and our freedoms.

I suggest we look into mental illness and treat it without reservations of any kind. The lady in Newtown, Conn., should’ve locked up her weapons and sought help for her son.

Steven Rowse


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