January 20, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Vets deserve apology


With sincere respect, in regard to the letter written by Sgt. Joseph Larsen (Jan. 15) I would say this: Exactly 10 years ago this month, millions of U.S. citizens, and millions more around the world, marched in the streets to keep U.S. soldiers from being sent off to an ill-conceived and falsely promoted “war of choice” in the Middle East.

Never then, nor now, have I heard anyone call our soldiers “killers” as Sgt. Larsen claims the Democrats have. Yet, it was the Bush administration that abused the military by sending the enlisted off to fight under trumped-up and hyped “intelligence.” The American people, and especially the majority who cheered our military on, owe the veterans a huge apology, and more importantly the postwar care they deserve.

Gary Jewell


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