January 21, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Stand up for guns


This is in response to the revealing of names of lawful and legal gun owners. I am a naturalized American, so maybe I value the Bill of Rights a little more than the people who have been spoiled by not realizing there are other, not-so-free countries.

My husband and I own three rifles, two handguns and we both have our concealed weapons permits. These guns were purchased legally and were registered by all the laws in place. The response times to our home by law officers average 12 minutes. Am I to cower and hide? I have never pointed a gun (loaded or unloaded) at another human, and I pray to God I won’t have to, but I also pray to God that if I have to, I will have the courage.

I will be silent no more. Our God-given rights are being taken away one by one until we are all subjects again, ruled by mere mortals. Stand up and be silent no more!

Antoinette Acireno


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