Gonzaga Day trivia answers

THURSDAY, JAN. 24, 2013

1: Ronny Turiaf, on a dunk.

2: Quentin Hall.

3: Dickau (20.1) and Gary Lechman (20.7).

4: Dan David Dickau in 2002.

5: Eric and Emil Anderson (1930s), Jack and Joe Brasch (1940s), Ryan and Colin Floyd (2000s), Hugh and John Hobus (1980s), Bob and Dan Hunt (1960s), Jim (No. 24 in picture on Page B5) and Bryce McPhee (1980s), Ross and Curt Rettenmier (1970s), Scott and Mark Spink (1990s-2000s), Jerry and Dennis Vermillion (1950s). The threesome: Bill, Joe and Rollin Schauble (1940s-1950s).

6: 82-80 over No. 11 Seattle on Feb. 14, 1953. The site was the old 161st Armory on Second Avenue. You know it now as Laser Quest.

7: Blake Elliott, an Air Force veteran from Portland who joined the program for the 1957 season and lettered for four years.

8: No. 2 Bradley, which beat GU 80-69 on Feb. 4, 1960, at the old Coliseum.

9: It’s the only game that’s ever been listed as something short of a sellout. Official attendance was 5,917.

10: Jim Grady, 1977 (14.0 points, 10.0 rebounds, 4.2 assists).

11: French, Creole, Spanish, Italian and English.

12: Kyle Dixon, on a layup, to give GU a 2-0 lead over Maryland in the 1995 NCAAs.

13: Stew Morrill, a star in the 1970s who’s won 577 games in stops at Montana, Colorado State and Utah State.

14: 7-foot-5 Will Foster (2007-10) and 5-foot-8 Bill Suter (1963-66).

15: Matt Santangelo, 129.

16: Captain Zag. Mike Griffen created the role.

17: No. 12, Doug Steck (1976-79), and No. 44, Charlie Jordan (1958).

18: 19s. He actually wore size-17s with the toe cut out for his first few games.


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