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Lax security our fault

I am a senior at Mead High School. Since the tragic events in Newtown, we, as a community, have demanded better security for our schools. What we have settled for is mediocre. Here at Mead, I have already noticed changes.

Now all entrances to Mead are locked. The only unlocked entrance has a “greeter” (someone to greet you and evaluate potential threats). But what does this new “security” actually do except provide a false sense of security to lull students and their parents into thinking they are safe. This is not the school district’s fault. It is our own. We have created this for ourselves.

We are not willing to pay more in taxes, pass levies or provide money to our schools. Rather, we complain when those costs increase. So what we are left with is a mediocre system that does nothing to protect us. Any potential shooter could easily get into Mead. Harm can still be done. Is this what we are willing to accept, to settle for?

Jacob Green



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