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The Slice: Depending on the season, it’s all about the layers

Thu., Jan. 24, 2013, midnight

How often do you worry about being overdressed for an event?

I mean, let’s face it. That’s not hard to do these days.

Let’s move on.

Bathroom Errors Department: “Any other men notice … too late … that their wife’s hair spray can bears an amazing resemblance to his underarm deodorant spray can?” — Mark Slater

Re: Having a fondness for the sort of weather that greeted your arrival: Eunice Johnson does not. “I was born in late July in Washington, D.C. (a former swamp), and I hate hot, humid weather. Love the cold.”

On the other hand, Sue Borg was surprised to discover that she is a fan of the weather Spokane was experiencing on the day when she was born here in the 1950s.

Her birthday is in mid-July and it’s usually hot. But she did a little research and found out that on her actual birthday it was 73 degrees in Spokane. To her, that’s just about perfect.

Slice answers: Most respondents said they would prefer that restaurants charged more (and paid waiters and waitresses more) and did away with the expectation of tipping.

Today’s Slice question: Friday is the anniversary of Henry VIII’s secret 1533 marriage to Anne Boleyn. That raises an obvious question.

What is the No. 1 difference between the young ladies in Spokane’s Lilac Festival court and European royalty over the centuries? A) Beheadings traditionally not part of the Lilac Festival. B) Young ladies in the local scholarship program tend to be great kids who earned their status. C) Inbreeding not a huge issue in Lilac Festival. D) Lilac Festival girls seldom start wars. E) Lilac Festival girls not under pressure to produce a male baby right away. F) Most Lilac Festival girls do not live in a palace. G) Most Lilac Festival girls are not obviously bat guano crazy. H) When the Lilac Festival girls are ill, they usually don’t get treated with leeches. I) Most Lilac Festival girls are not forced to marry some foul-smelling dork just because he happens to be king. J) Other.

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