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The Slice: Let’s face it: They’re all near perfect

Fri., Jan. 25, 2013, midnight

It’s the birthday of the late Sleepy John Estes.

According to at least one version of the “What’s Your Blues Name?” game that has been out there for quite some time, “Sleepy” would be mine. Thus, I would be Sleepy Paul Turner. I can live with that.

Here’s how to find yours. (Again, this is not something I invented.) Use your first initial to find your Blues name.

A = Fat. B = Buddy. C = Sticky. D = Old. E = Texas. F = Hollerin’. G = Ugly. H = Fingers. I = Happy. J = Boney. K = Curly. L = Pretty. M = Jailhouse. N = Peg Leg. O = Bad Boy. P = Sleepy. Q = Bald. R = Skinny. S = Blind. T = Big. U = Sugar. V = Toothless. W = Screamin’. X = Fat Boy. Y = Washboard. Z = Steel-Eye.

Hope you are happy with yours.

If not, you have a second chance. What’s your Inland Northwest name?

Just do the same as above to find the locally flavored moniker to stick in front of your first name. So if your name is Shawn Vestal, your INW name would be Bumper Hitch Shawn Vestal.

A = Hoar Frost. B = Bargainin’. C = Big Lake. D = Panhandle. E = Campin’. F = I-90. G = Spokesman. H = Tent Pole. I = Yard Sale. J = Fly Fishin’. K = Off Road. L = Boatin’. M = Bing. N = Lilac. O = Huckleberry. P = Marmot. Q = Bloomie. R = Rifle Totin’. S = Bumper Hitch. T = Restored Chevy. U = Snow Berm. V = Hiking Boot. W = Expo. X = Ski Slope. Y = Kayak. Z = Zag Boy.

Don’t like yours? Feel free to trade with someone. Or try again. Yes, here’s a bonus round of Spokane area names.

A = Scablands. B = Manito. C = Nordstrom. D = KPBX. E = Trail Hog. F = Parking Meter. G = Radon. H = Tartar Sauce. I = Tree Fruit. J = Pothole. K = Feral Cat. L = Idaho. M = Pine Tree. N = Casserole. O = Discount. P = Lentils. Q = Boat Trailer. R = Switchback. S = Gas Grill. T = Dandelion. U = Tanker. V = Palouse. W = Dry Falls. X = Field Dress. Y = Fresh Powder. Z = Mullet.

Today’s Slice question: Has anyone ever seen a promo for some fresh-faced Spokane TV news personality and not thought “Wonder how long this one will be here”?

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