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Fri., Jan. 25, 2013

Wake up, voters

A very hearty congratulations to Shawn Vestal for his Jan. 18 column, “Futility source of pride in the U. S House.” The voters in our congressional district blindly cast votes for our current Republican congressional representative for how many terms now?

Let us examine her record. She is a captive of Grover Norquist, and has pledged to him never to raise any taxes. In my opinion, this is a direct violation of the oath of office that she has taken to be in Congress. Please voters, wake up. If you think that a do-nothing Congress is the ticket, then I hate to say this, but you are out to lunch.

We need a new (former House Speaker) Tom Foley to get this nation back on track! Or, better yet, a (former Senate Majority Leader) Mike Mansfield, D-Mont.

Donald Orlich


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