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Could use that militia

Fact: Dec. 14, Adam Lanza, armed with what could be called a weapon of mass murder, set out to kill babies. And he did, most effectively, kill 20 of these little people and six adults, using a Bushmaster AR-15. He took a life every 21 seconds.

Fact: A few days later, an ex-con, armed with a Bushmaster AR-15, killed two firefighters and his sister. He left a note stating what he likes best is “killing people.

Fact: Recently, a man, with a concealed weapon permit, accidentally dropped a loaded handgun in a store. Fortunately, he only shot a daybed.

Yet, people rush to buy more of these guns, and the National Rifle Association gun lobby repeats that tired old saw that guns don’t kill. How many big and little people could Lanza have killed using just his hands?

What if the NRA takes some responsibility and helps form a “well-regulated militia” with all registered owners of these military-style guns? Bearing arms, this militia will spring to the defense of our country, schools, theaters, public rallies, football games, nursing homes whenever needed. Militia members will be free to keep their guns and babies will be free to grow up.

Janet Callen

Coeur d’ Alene


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