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Debt is incomprehensible

I am tired of hearing the president and Congress argue about a “fiscal cliff” and debt ceilings. The newscasters spend a lot of time at it. They barely mention the thing that is going to destroy the United States, which is the national debt: $16 trillion. Did you ever try to comprehend what that number is? One trillion is 1,000 billion. It is an incomprehensible number, and our president wants to spend more.

This cannot continue or the dollar will be worthless. When that happens it will be devastating to us all, the country will not exist, the grocery stores will be empty, our houses will be cold, there will be no electricity or water and life will not go on. Don’t think it can’t happen. There’s really nothing we can do about it, but we should realize what is happening and tell those in charge to stop arguing about things that won’t fix the problem.

All is not gloom and doom. The Bible forecasts these things to happen and promises good things to come.

Jack Ensley



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