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Sat., Jan. 26, 2013

Stand for values now

It’s winter, and I just realized I may not have enough wood in the shed to keep me warm. Do I use the wood I have or do I save it in case there is a power outage?

The House Republicans have the same problem. Do they use their “wood” now, or do they save it in case there is a power outage? I don’t know about them, but I will use my wood now, and try to get some more wood later.

If the House Republicans are waiting for the 2014 elections to see whether they retain the House, and possibly win the Senate, then they are hoping for something not yet known. The Republicans need to use their wood now and stand up for Republican values.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers needs to stand up for our Republican values. Republicans have said they will extend the debt ceiling if Obama submits a budget. He might, but it won’t be approved and he can still say he submitted a budget.

Our elected officials must stand up for our Republican values now and not sometime in the future on unknown wishes.

Mike Brunson

Springdale, Wash.

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