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Liberalism will collapse

Liberalism is destined to fail. Take Obamacare as an example. Businesses that have more than 50 employees are required by this law to provide health insurance for workers. Factor in that Obamacare is now and is projected to be far more expensive than previous plans (Forbes, Jan. 7).

This government toll forces many small and large businesses to cut some or even all employees’ hours back to under 30, where costs are reduced. In addition, Obamacare rules now compel private insurance companies to boost their rates to comply with the many demands of the law.

Across the country, countless Americans have had their hours cut and their insurance eliminated. Many have lost jobs. With less pay, they are still required to buy Obamacare, or face a fine.

Obamacare costs more, which translates to fewer work hours and jobs, which in turn diminishes the economy. The entire scenario is a Catch-22.

President Barack Obama, the Americans who blindly voted for him, and liberalism itself are now responsible for this craziness. It is difficult to picture how America will recover from this mess.

John Pauley

Spokane Valley


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