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Need flexible well policy

Regarding “Water wait” (Jan. 13) and “Responsible water policy a must for area’s future” (Jan. 16): On our 10 acres are five soil types, according to the soils survey map. Within the 40-plus acres around us are 10 kinds of soils. Several wells are installed at different depths in the variety of types: rock, gravel, dirt or whatever. A similar variety of soils occurs in the Little Spokane River area where the map shows wells have been deepened or hydro-fractured.

Maybe the wells were drilled incorrectly or just deep enough to get surface water. Many wells are affected by acids and nitrates from the Arcadia Orchards project.

A successful water well system depends on water quantity, but also on proper well drilling, pump installation and water delivery equipment.

Well depth and treatment of the water needs to be decided on an individual basis according to the specific problems encountered. It is not feasible to make a one-size-fits-all regulation that applies to all of those differences.

A restrictive blanket policy is not the right way to deal with a search for water.

Ruth Ryan



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