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Steps to stop violence

I think most people would agree that it is going to take action from several directions to curb violence in general, and in schools specifically. One of the most overlooked strategies is fully funding elementary school counselors at an adequate level in our schools.

Elementary counselors are now funded out of the general school budget. A school is lucky to have one counselor for 500 students. It is recommended by the educational community to have an elementary counselor for every 250 students. We are so focused on getting academic scores improved, we fail to have the resources to help elementary students learn how to build a sense of community and work through the grief of our ever-changing society, such as divorce, moving, financial pressures, bullying.

Secondly, parents need to ban violent video games. Just because they are available doesn’t mean you should allow them. More parenting skills can be provided through the school.

Third, “More guns (means) less violence.” Really? I do not see how assault weapons and mega clips support school safety.

Fourth, volunteer in a school, and have lunch with an at-risk student.

It’s the students who get disconnected early that are the threat to our community.

Larry Snider



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