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Tue., Jan. 29, 2013

Population control needed

Everyone, including the president, seems focused on global warming (or the euphemism “climate change”) when what we really need to focus on is pollution – the driving force behind climate change.

What are the causes of pollution? Breathing, excreting, heating, energy production and the byproducts of natural forces (volcanoes). We can only control a couple of these. We can control pollution caused by heating, cooling and energy production by changing our technology to exclude pollution from fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas.

We also need to control population growth. The human population of this planet has exceeded its carrying capacity. From a psychological perspective, research has shown that excess crowding results in diminished resources for everyone, resulting in more and more frequent violence. Failure to control pollution and overpopulation is going to result in an increasingly uninhabitable planet. We are all individually responsible for doing our share to keep that from happening.

Candy Frankel


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