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Wed., Jan. 30, 2013

Knives kill, too

I have noticed how many stabbings have occurred lately. Every morning the local news is full of another stabbing incident.

All knives should be registered. Kitchens should be off limits to children. Permission could be granted at certain times of the year for hunting, fishing knives or swords, etc. However, table knives could be monitored with special registration and serial numbers to make sure they are turned in somewhere at the end of each day; but definitely not the dangerous steak knives that cut through muscle, I mean, meat.

What have we come to that we must eradicate or register guns, knives, baseball bats, hockey sticks or anything else? Aside from mental illness, what is in our hearts that makes us steal from or kill others? The person who robbed me was probably not mentally ill. He just wanted what I have. Maybe we should deal with this issue, and then objects, as weapons, will fade in significance.

History shows that disarming citizens has always led to tyranny. What makes us think that we would be the exception? I am not in favor of tyranny.

Linda Jo Reed


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