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Thu., Jan. 31, 2013

Obama panders to fringe

Your Jan. 10 lead article on Obama’s legacy of having created an America as a “land of opportunity for all” is pure malarkey, unless, of course, you consider the “all” part as excluding any non-unionized worker in the middle or upper class paying taxes, health insurance premiums, sending their kids to college, saving for retirement and trying to run a small business.

Conversely, this president’s legacy will consist of the polarization of American society, denigration of capitalism and our work ethic, elevation of socialism and self-entitlement, and loss of international leadership and respect. It’s odd how he favors an exponential expansion of the government domestically, while decreasing (leading from behind?) our historical role abroad.

The best course for our nation is presidential leadership arising from a conservative Democrat or liberal Republican who can chart a centrist course based on policies that empowered our country at home and abroad during the previous century. This president has, unfortunately, pandered to fringe elements ranging from California to the Middle East. That will be his legacy and our “reward” for his election.

Joseph Harari


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