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The Slice: C’mon guys; step up to fridge duty

Thu., Jan. 31, 2013, midnight

Please don’t cancel your subscription.

But in the interest of transparency, this needs to come out.

The males in the S-R newsroom have not been signing up to take turns cleaning out the communal refrigerator.

Of course, some of us hunter-gatherers skirt guilt by not using the fridge. But still.

In the matter of who has the most self-impressed Facebook presence: Several readers submitted nominations. The thing that annoyed my correspondents was a staggering number of self-photos coupled with a relentless glorification of one’s own super-busy lifestyle.

All invited me to check out these pages and decide for myself, but I’m not sure how easy that would be as I am not on Facebook.

Slice answer: “I would describe the content of my character with one word – humble,” wrote Dan Rosey of North Idaho. “I’m very humble. I’m the most humble person I know. If there was ever a contest for humblest, surely I’d win. It’s a gift, I can’t take credit for it.”

Evolving age-group labels: Here’s how a Pullman friend’s 6-year-old daughter refers to the population subset comprised of females just a bit older than herself: “Girls with phones.”

Speaking of telling phrases: Spokane prides itself on being friendly. And it could be argued that there is some truth to that. But apparently not everyone’s arms are wide open.

A reader who sent an email about something else noted in passing that he has lived in Spokane for a couple of years. “And have not been able to break into the circled wagons.”

Slice answer: Richard Palmer has encountered the mindset among certain younger people that someone who is, say, 50 or 60, is essentially the same as someone 80 or 90.

Sometimes, though, their eyes are opened when he drops them at the 150-mile mark of the Seattle to Portland bike ride.

Today’s Slice question: When encountering someone you have not seen in years, it’s natural to form an impression about how he or she looks. But, upon parting, how long does it take to turn that around and wonder what he or she is thinking about you?

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