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Thu., Jan. 31, 2013, midnight

Too barbaric for women

There are some troubling questions about “promoting” military women to full-combat status. These issues have nothing to do with their skills or stamina as soldiers.

We still haven’t been able to solve some “boys-will-be-boys” problems in our present military – before the women even make it into combat: staggering numbers of rape and assault crimes committed by fellow soldiers and (worst of all) commanding officers. The vast majority of incidents are never reported due to fear and threats of reprisal.

Since ancient times, women have been considered half of the “rape and pillage” spoils of war. Our government has trashed the Geneva Conventions. Why should we trust or expect enemies from other cultures to honor our female soldiers as equal prisoners of war? They stone, flog, gang-rape and burn alive their own women.

The world needs a bit more evolution before women are full-combat participants. But perhaps then the concept of war will be just a tragic memory.

Lucy Jeanne

Deer Park

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