July 1, 2013 in Letters, Opinion

Stop government spying


Government spying on individual communications without due process is completely out of control, and is an invasion of privacy and a violation of the federal Privacy Act. It’s also an infringement of the First, Fourth and Fifth constitutional amendments. When questioned about these violations, government officials claim “national security concerns.”

This type of spying is the reason the Privacy Act was created, and if its violation is allowed to continue, no matter what the excuse, then the act is completely worthless, as is the Constitution. Any government official who authorizes or condones this type of spying is in violation of their oath of office and is subject to removal. If the individual is to forfeit their rights and freedoms for national security, what’s the point of national security?

A reminder to cellphone users, a cellphone call is a broadcast on a low-power radio frequency, and anyone on the same frequency is free to listen in.

Arlie Kellogg


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