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Tue., July 2, 2013, midnight

Most dangerous presidency

A recent letter, “Real scandal overlooked,” shows how complacent and ignorant the American public has become. Less than misdemeanors, really? As far as the “he knew nothing beforehand” excuse, this president apparently knows nothing about anything going on in his administration.

Unfortunately, the I-am-not-responsible-for-anything mentality that has invaded our society has become so prevalent and accepted that nothing will be done as we continue on the road to self-destruction. We are now cursed with the most dangerous administration to threaten the American way of life in the history of these United States.

Sadly, an ignorant, take-care-of-me, I’m-not-responsible voting public put this administration in power. Late-term abortion of this administration might be more appropriate than impeachment. Our actions have removed God’s blessings from the great nation established in his name. The time has come to ask that God have mercy on America.

John Hader


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