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Tue., July 2, 2013, midnight

Thanks for listening

Thank you, Lucy Jeanne, for your level-headed and thoughtful June 26 letter, “How to protect America?” It amazes me every day to hear individuals and politicians rant about losing their privacy at the hands of government surveillance. It also begs the question: “If you’re not doing something wrong, who cares if someone watches or listens?”

Who on this Earth doesn’t understand how our world has changed? Some would say we had enough information prior to 9/11 to prevent it, but chose to ignore it instead. Whether that’s true or not doesn’t change the fact that we do know now how people intent on destroying our country go about their planning. I, for one, sleep better at night knowing someone is listening to them.

Years ago, we knew someone who had been involved in intelligence gathering. We asked him about foiled attacks; if there were many and how close they came to pulling them off. He said we didn’t want to know because it would scare the pants off of us.

I am grateful for any way our government is active in averting further attacks. Go ahead and listen. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

Wendy Boggs


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