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Wed., July 3, 2013

Avista bruiser should chill

It was no surprise that Doug Clark flunked Avista’s “Energy Report Card.” Heck, this is the same bozo who proudly drives a 5.6 mpg gas-guzzling Vista Cruiser station wagon, boasts about using Cascade phosphate-enriched detergent in his dishwasher and wears nonbiodegradable, nonrecyclable plastic bags (instead of paper) over his follicly challenged noggin when attending Seattle Mariners games.

For the last dozen years, Doug has regularly whined about his huge electric bills. Try living in Southern California. Now, when the local utility shows him why his bills are so much higher than his neighbors (because he uses three times as much power), he gets upset and claims that it’s his right as an American citizen to burn as many kilowatt-hours as he desires, without being criticized.

If Clark stopped at his favorite downtown watering hole after work and chugged down three times more hooch than the average customer, wouldn’t the owner of the establishment be justly concerned? Personally, I think that Doug should calm down, quit being illogical and then reduce his electric consumption to normal levels by simply turning off those high-pressure sodium grow lights in his basement.

Dave Ayres


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